Animal rights have been a long-debated topic when it comes to the culture in China. It’s still a very new, growing phenomenon in the country and sadly, events of animal cruelty are still occurring there.

Most recently, a theme park in Chongqing threw a pig off of a 68-metre tower to mark the opening of the new bungee tower. This has been called a symbolic beginning to the Year of the Rat by some. Others aren’t so convinced.

The public response the stunt garnered surpassed the expectation the theme park expected. Many of the public have taken to social media to call out the act as vile and inhumane. The vice president of international campaigns for the Asia branch of PETA has described it as “cruelty to animals at its worst”.

Dressed in a blue cape, the animal hung helplessly from the bungee cable. Footage showed the pig bouncing and swinging in the air, it’s distressed screeches demonstrating the distress it must have felt. In the wake of the widespread condemnation, the park apologised in a statement to local news outlets last Sunday and wished a happy Lunar New Year to all.

Asia’s PETA reprehensive challenged us to imagine being forcibly restrained and pushed from a high platform. No doubt, none of us could fathom the event as an enjoyable experience. Sadly, it has been reported that the pig in question has since been sent to a slaughterhouse. But maybe the public response from China proves that things there are beginning to change.

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