Lincolnshire, Norfolk and North Yorkshire top the UK for the ideal dog friendly staycation, according to a new study.

2020 has definitely been a year of change due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many families have had to make big alterations and sacrifices to their normal lives, including the cancellation and postponement of their holidays. For many people, their annual abroad summer holiday is something that they save money for and look forward to all year around. However, this year, lots of people are resorting to the traditional UK ‘staycation’ for their summer trip.

Unlike abroad, holidaying with your dog in the UK is both practical and fun. This country has a huge array of dog friendly holiday locations from beaches to woodland areas, mountain ranges to meadows. Research by Halti​ has revealed the very best places for those who will be enjoying their holiday with their four-legged friend.



Lincolnshire ranks as the best destination for pet owners. The county has the most dog-friendly establishments (pubs, hotels and restaurants). It also ranks as the second most organic county in the UK and performs well in many other categories such as green space (almost 9% of the county are green areas), and good access to countryside walks (over 40 hiking options).


Norfolk ranks as the second-best destination for pet owners and tops the ranking overall for best UK staycation with elite rankings in multiple categories. Green space makes up 27% of the county (the second-most in the UK), Norfolk’s air is the cleanest of any UK county and they have a top ten ranking for ‘most organic’.


Making up the top three staycation counties for pet owners 2020 is North Yorkshire which has 472 dog-friendly establishments and ranks as the first most organic county in the UK.

Rachel Smith
Rachel Smith is a huge animal lover and has always been passionate about the wellbeing of pets. She currently has a rescue dog, Stewie and a corn snake, Samson, but has experience of looking after various different pets over the years.

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