It’s funny – when my little girl was around 5 years old, I had a feeling she needed to try horse riding. She had a few walks on a friend’s pony and we eventually moved onto riding school.

I had always loved horses. I never really did much in the way of riding, but I loved the way you have to look after them so closely. As well as riding lessons for my daughter, I had offered to help a young horse who had, unfortunately, had a bad start in life and needed some TLC.

We got a taste of what it was actually like to own a horse. We decided to do this in the winter months, which as all ‘horsey’ people will know, that is a tough old time for yard duties!

The next steps…

After a good year at the riding school, we moved onto loaning a pony.
I was slightly nervous as Mia, my daughter, had her first fall and it had knocked her confidence. However, I’m so glad we did, as after a few months, Mia’s confidence was back and she was experiencing riding, yard duties and horse shows too.

We loaned the pony for four years, until Mia’s loan pony went up for sale. As you can imagine, Mia was heartbroken. With thanks to family, we decided to buy this pony that Mia has become attached to. We haven’t looked back.

We are definitely still learning about the best ways to care for our pony – I don’t think you can ever stop learning. We are absolutely loving having a pony in our family.

If you are thinking of getting a pony, from my own experience, you should definitely loan one first. Loaning allows you to get familiar with the responsibilities and cost, get to know the horse world and gather as much advice as possible.

Having a pony is certainly very rewarding.

Sarah Woolley
I am a huge animal lover, I have 4 rescue dogs and also run Wagglies dog walking & pet sitting services. I have a family of 5, who all love animals too.

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