Photo taken of the official Twitter account of P.D Cooper

P.D Cooper (Police Dog Cooper) is Staffordshire Police Force’s first ever working police dog that’s their very own breed, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. P.D Cooper graduated from his training in April 2018, and since then he has become a national star. He has starred on TV numerous times and is becoming a household name around The Midlands.

One of the best things about P.D Cooper is that he had a bad start to life and ended up in a rescue centre. He was rescued from RSPCA West Hatch Animal Centre, in Taunton by the police force. P.D Cooper is trained as a detection dog meaning he will help his human colleagues by sniffing out drugs, cash, and firearms.

PD Cooper was chosen for Staffordshire Police by experienced dog trainer Lee Webb, from Somerset, who has previously trained Staffordshire Bull Terriers as police dogs.

Lee Webb, Avon & Somerset Police, said: “Staffordshire Police are leading the way in showing that there’s more to this breed of dogs as Staffies seem to get an unfair reputation. They’re showing that you really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and Cooper is a fine example of that as he has surpassed all expectations with what he has learnt.”

Follow P.D Cooper on Twitter to see what he’s up to with his handler, PC Tim Moss.

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