The 27th of February marks the annual day dedicated exclusively to the celebration of our beautiful white furry friends over on the arctic.

The PBI (Polar Bears International) founded this day and deliberately chose this date – as it is right in the heart of polar bear’s ‘denning’ season – in the hopes of raising awareness on how important it is to keep mama and cubs safely snuggled in their dens during this imperative time of bonding. As denning season also coincides with bears’ natural hibernation period, this means their safety and security is even more pivotal to the wellbeing of both mum and cub.

Protecting the future of the polar bear

It is no secret that polar bears are in grave danger of becoming extinct due to the devastating effects that global warming is having on the polar ice caps – their main habitat. But did you know that at the rate we’re going, by 2050, their numbers may decline by up to 30% because of the rapid loss of sea ice?

There is also an ecosystem within the arctic region that is fundamental to bears being able to successfully hunt, so any threat to their terrain naturally compromises this.

This year, the PBI has launched a new campaign to fund a new tool designed to track, map, and monitor bear dens in order to help keep them undisturbed from human disturbance and any other compromise of their safety.

What else can we do to help?

The good news is there are actually a few things we can do to help. Both the PBI and the WWF are committed to protecting these beautiful creatures and have created an array of ways we at home can do our bit. Firstly, we can adopt a polar bear for as little as £3 a month, which is a simple yet very effective and satisfying way of helping. It also makes a fantastic, thoughtful gift to a loved one, just FYI!

Short of cash? That’s okay. We know times are hard, so you can also help by adding your voice to the WWF’s petition to demand that world leaders start taking more action in protecting the arctic ice capsules. This costs absolutely zero, and takes mere seconds to do!

We hope you can join us in celebrating these beautiful creatures today by taking a pledge to help do your bit to protect their futures.

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