Manatees: Getting To Know These Gentle Mammals

This year, manatee appreciation day has fallen on 31st March and a great way to celebrate this is to spread awareness of these gentle marine mammals. Species of Manatee There are three species of Manatee across the globe which are distinguished by their geographical location. They are often referred to as ‘sea

Buzzards Day: All You Need To Know

The History Of Buzzards Day Every year on March 15th, residents of Hinckley Ohio are treated to one of nature’s many marvels. They call it Buzzards Day, and celebrate a tradition which began a long time ago. In the winter of 1818, local men took part in what is known as

How to attract more wildlife to your garden

There is something very relaxing about sitting and watching wildlife and there is no better feeling than being able to do this from your own home. It can be so rewarding to see wildlife use your own garden as their own. Whether you live in the heart of the countryside, or

Celebrating International Polar Bear Day

The 27th of February marks the annual day dedicated exclusively to the celebration of our beautiful white furry friends over on the arctic. The PBI (Polar Bears International) founded this day and deliberately chose this date - as it is right in the heart of polar bear’s ‘denning’ season - in

Celebrate World Whale Day – Facts about these marine giants

World whale day has fallen on 21st February and in honour of this, it’s time to find out more about these beautiful marine giants. The two types of whales All species of whales are separated into two types: baleen and toothed. The baleen whales are named after their filter-feeding system. This system

World Hippo Day makes a splash on 15th February!

You might think you know about the world's third-largest mammal, but there are a few surprising misconceptions! World Hippo Day this month gives us a chance to celebrate these extraordinary creatures and to learn some little-known facts... The whale's "cousin" and D-I-Y sun cream... The hippopotamus, in Greek meaning 'river horse', resides

5 ways you can help wildlife during winter

We can all agree, one of the most positive things to have come from the recent lockdowns is that local wildlife have been able to enjoy various areas which were once bustling with human footfall. We've all seen the footage of the deer tottering through deserted high streets, and ducks triumphantly waddling around

How to attract beautiful birds to your garden

Birdwatching, or birding, is a wonderful hobby where you observe the physical characteristics and behaviors of birds. Conducting this hobby usually requires you to visit remote locations to see birds in their natural habitats but isn’t necessarily needed. Outfitting and adjusting what your garden provides for birds will attract a

5 Ways To Help Wildlife Thrive This Autumn

As we move into autumn, many of our wildlife friends begin to prepare for surviving the harsh winter months. With many of us spending more time at home, it’s never been easier to get into our gardens and give nature a helping hand this autumn. Here are a few ways to