Do chameleons make good pets?

Close up photograph of a chameleon's face

Over recent years, chameleons have become increasingly popular to have as pets. They are among the most weird and wonderful creatures of the animal kingdom, and are definitely fascinating. There are many different species of chameleon, but we are going to discuss them in a broad term throughout this article.

5 Reasons Why Bearded Dragons Make Great Pets

Reptiles are becoming more and more popular for people to have as pets over recent years. There is now a huge variety of reptiles available to buy from specialist pet stores around the country. From snakes to frogs, lizards to tortoises, as a nation we are growing to love our

Which species of snake make the best pets?

To celebrate National Serpent Day on 1st February, we have put together a list of the species of snake that make the best pets for beginners or amateur exotic pet owners. There are thousands of different species of snake across the world, ranging massively in size, length and strength. If

Are leopard geckos easy to care for?

Leopard geckos are part of the lizard family, and are considered a tropical pet. As tropical pets are somewhat less common in the UK, it is understandable that most people are unaware of the type of care they need in order to thrive and live a happy, healthy life. Leopard

Iguanas are falling from the sky in Florida

We've heard of the saying "it's raining cats and dogs", but what about it's raining iguanas? Residents in Florida, North America, have been warned that they may experience some strange goings-on over the next few days. Low temperatures have been forecast, meaning the local iguanas may appear to be falling from

Can Snakes Jump?

Snakes don’t have arms or legs, but can they jump? There are certain species of snake that can leap from branch to branch, getting their name ‘jumping snakes’. These snakes are tree-dwelling species such as bronzeback tree snakes and common tree snakes. Although snakes don’t have limbs, their bodies are made up