Keeping Your Dog Safe This Halloween

The evenings are getting darker, the air is colder and frost has even started making an appearance in the mornings. Halloween has crept up on us again this year. It may seem like a fun time of year for us humans, but for our canine friends, it can be daunting as

Keeping Your Dog Safe This Autumn

Now we’re well into September, summer is coming to an end and we will soon be saying hello to Autumn. This change in season comes with an unfortunate list of hazards for our canine friends. In this article, we will discuss what to be aware of when you’re on your

The best ways to bond with your dog

We all love our dogs, but bonding with them can sometimes feel difficult in the beginning, especially if they have come to you from a rescue centre. Just like with humans, to bond you need to build up your trust, understanding and relationship with each other. If you are feeling

5 games to help build a brilliant bond with your dog

Play is such an important activity for dogs, and taking some time out of our day to spend quality time with our dogs with no distractions is great for our mental health too! Just a few of the benefits of play include: Mental Stimulation - This is such an important one. Just

Simple enrichment activities to add to your dog’s day

If you're new to enrichment and looking for some inspiration, we're sharing our top tips on how to choose the activities your dog will love. Enrichment is defined as ‘something you add to your dog’s environment that they choose to interact with and that has a positive impact on their psychological

Getting your dog used to face masks

With the new government guidelines now in place for the use of face masks, it’s likely our dogs will be seeing a lot of them around. Dogs have an incredible ability to read our facial expressions, so not being able to see our faces properly might be challenging for them

Tips to help your dog with separation anxiety

With lots of us having been at home with our dogs much more than usual during lockdown, they may be finding it challenging now we're starting to leave them alone again. Any change in your dog's behaviour when they're left can be a sign of separation anxiety. We often think of dogs

How to keep your dog safe near water

Summer has officially arrived and for many of us dog owners, this means more walks in the countryside with our beloved pooches. The countryside may be beautiful but it is also full of dangers that you need to be aware of to ensure both you and your dog are kept

How to keep your dog cool in warm weather

While we all enjoy beautiful warm weather, unfortunately, unless we're careful it can be potentially lethal for our dogs. As they're not able to regulate their body temperature the same way that we do, they easily overheat, leading to heatstroke which can quickly become life threatening. The signs of heatstroke