Do I need to brush my dog’s hair?

A big part of owning a dog is making sure that you are giving them the right care and attention that they need in order to live a long, healthy and happy life. One of these ways is brushing your dog's hair and it is something that every breed of

How To Prevent Dog Theft

Being aware of how to prevent dog theft is crucial if you are a dog owner. This year, awareness of dog theft is more important than ever after 2020 was dubbed the "worst ever" year for dog thefts in the UK. Here are our top tips to prevent your

How to keep your dog’s teeth clean

Pet Dental Health Month February is Pet Dental Health Month, so we’re sharing some of our top tips to keep your dogs teeth in top shape. Dogs have 28 super sharp baby teeth that come in when they’re around 3-4 weeks old - if you’ve had a puppy you’ll know how lethal

Time To Celebrate: Happy Golden Retriever Day!

February 3rd is a day to celebrate one of the most popular dog breeds in the world! Read on to find out where golden retrievers came from and why they are so frequently chosen as pets and support dogs. Why February 3rd? In 2012 Kristen Shroyer chose February 3rd to honour golden

How to help your senior dog feel young again

It is inevitable that your dog is going to slow down as they get older, but this doesn't mean that they can no longer enjoy themselves. As a senior dog owner, you will be fully aware of the amazing ability dogs have at sleeping for the majority of the day!

Animal or Accessory? New Show ‘Pooch Perfect’ Sparks Debate

New Dog Grooming Show Divides Viewers Dogs play an important part in our lives. Their intelligence and will to help means they are often more than just great companions. Many dogs have additional jobs, assisting those with additional needs, such as the Blind and D/deaf community; working in fire and rescue

Has Your Puppy Got Their Licence?

So, you just got a new puppy. Congratulations! And now you’re wondering, what’s a puppy licence and does this mean that there’s paperwork to fill out? The good news is no, there’s no forms to fill out here! Instead, think of a Puppy Licence as an L plate for learner

Should your dog be fed less while exercise is limited?

With the current restrictions that are in place in the UK, and across the rest of the world too, dog owners are worried about the lack of exercise they are able to give their dog and how it will affect their health. The health of our pets should always be

Dog Ownership: What are the benefits?

According to a survey carried out by PDSA, 26% of the UK adult population own at least one dog. That’s an estimated number of over 9.9 million pet dogs living in the UK.  Despite them leaving a trail of dog hair all over your home, having to pick up after them and

Can dogs sense our emotions?

The world is going through a very uncertain time currently, and a lot of us are feeling stressed, anxious and worried. We are all spending more time at home, around our pets. Something that has been a topic of discussion for many years is whether animals can sense our emotions