Should you have pet insurance for your cat

The majority of dog owners have insurance for their canine friend, but we have found that not many cat owners at all have insurance in place to protect themselves and their pets. There are varying levels of pet insurance, with different benefits and excesses, all there to support your financially

How to stop your cat from scratching your furniture

It is in a cat's nature to scratch - it is a natural behaviour that all cats have, even big cats like lions and tigers. They scratch at things for many reasons including; loosening and removing the outer part of their claws and exercising their muscles in the front legs

What to do if your cat goes missing

Unfortunately, this time of year especially, you hear of a lot of cats going missing in your local neighbourhood. It is normal behaviour for a cat to go exploring during the day, but if your cat has not returned home for more than 12 hours (or overnight), here are five

How to take care of your cat this winter

Just like us humans, cats need a little more TLC in the wintertime. The change in weather comes with a few more hazards and things, as cat owners, you need to be aware of to be able to protect and take care of your cat. Most cat owners allow their

How To Keep Your Cat Safe This Christmas

Cats are known to want to climb, play and destroy everything. This is no different when it comes to Christmas time. The addition of Christmas decorations including an ‘actual indoor tree’ to climb makes your cat even more mischievous and inquisitive than usual. All these new additions to the home make

How much to feed your cat

As anyone with a pet cat knows, you have to make sure that you are feeding them appropriately to help keep them healthy. There are many things you need to consider when thinking about feeling your cat which we will outline in this article. One of the main concerns is

Cats and Fireworks: How can you help?

Firework season is fast approaching, and although this year it may be slightly different without the organised community displays, we can guarantee that there will still be plenty of fireworks being set off in people's gardens. For our pets, especially cats, the loud and unexpected noises that fireworks make can

How to ensure your home is cat friendly

If you are thinking of getting a new pet cat, or even already have one, it is important that you carry out a few checks to ensure your home is a safe place for your cat to live. Your cat spends a lot of time roaming around your home, exploring

An introduction to cat cafes

There are many ‘dog friendly’ places that have popped up over the past decade, including pubs and cafes, but what about our feline friends?  Cat cafes have started to be introduced all around the UK - the perfect places to go if you are a cat lover. If you haven’t yet

Every Pet Cat Will Soon Need To Be Microchipped

Did you know, there are over 10.9 million pet cats in the UK? With this huge number of pet cats, it sadly becomes a reality that cats are going missing on a daily basis. They are notorious for wandering off and exploring a bit too far away from their home, and