Buzzards Day: All You Need To Know

The History Of Buzzards Day Every year on March 15th, residents of Hinckley Ohio are treated to one of nature’s many marvels. They call it Buzzards Day, and celebrate a tradition which began a long time ago. In the winter of 1818, local men took part in what is known as

Love is in the air

With Valentine's Day here, the term 'love birds' couldn't be any more relevant. We thought we would take the opportunity today to discuss the animal behind the name - the real love birds. Love bird is the common and well-known name of Agapornis, a small genus of parrot. There are eight species within the

How to attract beautiful birds to your garden

Birdwatching, or birding, is a wonderful hobby where you observe the physical characteristics and behaviors of birds. Conducting this hobby usually requires you to visit remote locations to see birds in their natural habitats but isn’t necessarily needed. Outfitting and adjusting what your garden provides for birds will attract a

Snowdonia’s Golden Eagle Reintroduction Plan Launches

You could be spotting golden eagles on your walks around Snowdonia National Park, North Wales, in the future, if reintroduction programme is successful. Golden eagles have been extinct in the wild in Wales and England since 1850, but a new study lead by Lancaster University and Wilder Britain gives us hope