How to Choose the Right Dog Breed for You

So, you’ve decided to get a dog.  Congratulations! You are about to embark (pun intended) on a fantastic and rewarding journey.  But you have an important decision to make first.  Which is the right dog breed for you? This might seem like an easy decision to make as it can be

Buzzards Day: All You Need To Know

The History Of Buzzards Day Every year on March 15th, residents of Hinckley Ohio are treated to one of nature’s many marvels. They call it Buzzards Day, and celebrate a tradition which began a long time ago. In the winter of 1818, local men took part in what is known as

How To Prevent Dog Theft

Being aware of how to prevent dog theft is crucial if you are a dog owner. This year, awareness of dog theft is more important than ever after 2020 was dubbed the "worst ever" year for dog thefts in the UK. Here are our top tips to prevent your