The effects of plastic on the animal kingdom

Plastic. A word that, in this modern day, has become stigmatized with connotations of waste and destruction. This transformation of the word displays the progress and development society has made. We have acknowledged the negatives of plastic and the dire consequences the resource has on the planet. We now just

Manatees: Getting To Know These Gentle Mammals

This year, manatee appreciation day has fallen on 31st March and a great way to celebrate this is to spread awareness of these gentle marine mammals. Species of Manatee There are three species of Manatee across the globe which are distinguished by their geographical location. They are often referred to as ‘sea

Celebrate World Whale Day – Facts about these marine giants

World whale day has fallen on 21st February and in honour of this, it’s time to find out more about these beautiful marine giants. The two types of whales All species of whales are separated into two types: baleen and toothed. The baleen whales are named after their filter-feeding system. This system